Коммутатор Huawei S3700-26C-HI, 02353628

Коммутатор Huawei S3700-26C-HI Mainframe (22 FE RJ45,2 GE Combo,Dual Slots of power,Single Slot of Flexible Card,Without Flexible Card and Power Module). Need to purchase additional power AC W0PSA1701 or DC ES5M0PSD1700 Non-POE Switch Support Extended Slot: ES3D000G2S00 2GE SFP Layer 3 Ethernet Switch Port: 22 FE, 2 GE Combo ports Software: Advanced Version iStack intelligent stacking Hardware based BFD Support RIP, OSPF, BGP, IS-I 100M port 22*10/100Base-TX 1000M port 2*(10/100/1000Base-T, or 100/1000Base-X) Слоты расширения The S3700HI provides an extended slot for an uplink subcard Таблица MAC адресов 32 K MAC address entries Same as EI for the other items VLAN 4 K VLANs Guest VLANs, voice VLAN, and super VLAN VLAN assignment based on MAC addresses, protocols, and IP subnets QinQ Selective QinQ 1:1 VLAN mapping N:1 VLAN mapping Надежность Enhanced Trunk (E-Trunk) Same as EI for the other items BFD for OSPF, BFD for IS